The decisions we make in producing our Southern Lakes Tartan fabric and its products are made with care and consciousness.

In our rapidly changing world, we understand the importance of nurturing sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. For us, it was never an option to send production to countries with cheap, unethical labour, and receiving back a product with a heavy global footprint.

Therefore, we keep all aspects of our business in Aotearoa, with sustainability and quality as our guide.

Southern Lakes Tartan proudly works alongside the local wool and textile industries. We believe in using natural materials and keeping quality workmanship, skills and jobs here in New Zealand.

The wool comes from sheep that roam our hillsides. Our yarn is then spun dyed and woven by leading New Zealand artisans. And finally talented designers and makers craft our product to the highest quality.

Our handprinted, sustainable packaging is New Zealand made. Both our cardboard boxes for our smaller items, and the cotton duster bags for our rugs and larger pieces.

You’ll enjoy your piece of tartan even more, with the knowledge that it’s been consciously made in a way that looks after our planet.